It wasn’t a perfect bridge.

Wasn’t made by an iron with a high density to be passed.
Wasn’t made by aluminium that is so light to be lifted.
Wasn’t made by metal materials.
Wasn’t made by a ceramics that are highly susceptible to fracture.
Wasn’t made by a polymers that aren’t so strong and stiff as metal and ceramic.
The picture is just an illustration. It wasn’t made by wood too.
Not even by composite materials.
May be it was advanced material. I guess.

Even a crystal has an imperfection in its structure.
Many dislocations.
Point defect. 
Linear defect.
Interfacial defect. 

There must be an imperfection.
But there’s no defect in that bridge. I guess.
Just some imperfections.

The bridge was opened.
Everybody seemed to be happy to know that.
They said that un-calculated adrenaline was produced when they passed through that opening bridge.
They called the bridge as “The Opening”.
Then there’re many bridges was built.
The citizen were happy because there are a lot of bridges was opened.
As the time goes by..
The bridge is just staying there.
Staying imperfect.
Citizens told the builder to fix it.
To make it perfect.
Some of them told the builder to destroy it.
To make it disappear.
The builder didn’t do anything.
The builder thought,
it’s just beautiful when it’s hanging there.
No need to be destroyed.

And then the builder thinks that the bridge is so beautiful when it hasn’t opened to the citizens.
So, the builder closes it.
But it doesn’t meant that the builder would like to destroy it.

Now the bridge is closed.
It’s just closed. 
But not as “The Closing”.
By the way, it’s a good bridge.
Thank you Citizens!
Thank you, Another Builder! :3
Let’s start a new better bridge!

*bukaaan itu bukan gueeh*

NB: fckn wrong grammars, but who cares? :p
thanks for reading this un-translated and un-chained words wkwkwk :p
*ahsudahlah maaf ya kalo ga bisa diartiin da gue juga ngarang sok-sok an inggris jadi-jadian wkwkwk.
Sorry ada istilah matek yang tidak gue saring sok-sok an gue tempel padahal gue pun ga ngerti maknanya wkwkwkwk


  • fix lo master material teknik, Na!

  • Amin yen :") itu asal tempel aja gueh wkwkwk salah total sebenernya wkekwk

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